Self-Service Tools

Automate, connect and manage your global public and private network connectivity with Monogoto’s self-service and API capabilities.

Connectivity management platform. APIs. 3rd party integrations.

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Self-service console

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3rd party integrations

Monogoto Platofrm self service tools
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Connectivity Management Platform

The Monogoto connectivity management platform provides any user easy access and control of its IoT device’s connectivity including advanced network functionalities (IP setup, routes creation, VPN, NAT), network firewalls, audit on network events, power management and more.

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Developer APIs

We provide access to hundreds of APIs for our developer community which is able to create any kind of IoT product prototype or integration and automate the Monogoto connectivity processes into their existing business logic. 

In order to have a quick start working with the Monogoto API, go to our online API tutorials.

Monogoto self service tools
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No-Code Integrations

With Monogoto you can create 3rd party integrations in order to receive insight events notifications toward multiple endpoint terminations (e.g. Webhook, Slack channel, email etc.). Our insight event includes a simple line of information about various topics, such as SIMs behavior, data package threshold, VPN status, billing updates, support center updates, daily reports and more. 

To learn more about Monogoto’s 3rd party integrations, go to our online integrations tutorials.