Reliable, efficient smart meter connectivity

Managing device connectivity involves changing configurations, replacing providers, and enforcing security policies while meeting strict regulations. Get reliable and secure smart meter connectivity for efficient data reading while reducing security costs and headaches.

Key Features

Connectivity Resiliency​

Cloud-based cellular connectivity in 180 countries and 550+ networks including remote SIM profile swap capabilities.

Edge Device Security​

Control two-way smart device data traffic with our network firewall. Secure traffic to your server with IPsecVPN. Prevent attacks with device authentication using cryptographic signature.

Full Control & Visibility​

Self-service connectivity management platform for data traffic control, network visibility, alerts, policies enforcement, roaming and more.


Managing smart meter connectivity poses significant challenges due to the number of devices involved — adjusting configurations or changing connectivity providers by replacing SIM cards can be time-consuming and expensive. In addition, you have to maintain a robust security infrastructure to safeguard valuable data.

In any smart city initiative, having constant connectivity to smart grid technology such as Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is absolutely essential. AMI serves as a core element in the grid’s distribution segment, which is where losses tend to occur, and which is included in regulations such as EU 202020. To achieve secured billing, heightened efficiencies, and reduced carbon emissions, a seamless two-way communication flow with the central system, exchanging information and measurements at preconfigured intervals, is indispensable.


Experience the best in global always-on connectivity with attractive data rates to keep you connected anytime, anywhere, all the time. Benefit from LTE-M connectivity where available. Enjoy peace of mind with superior security capabilities, reducing the need for unnecessary security hardware expenditures. Take charge of your network with a user-friendly self-service management platform, providing full visibility and complete control over your connectivity infrastructure.