Software-Defined Connectivity

Embed, manage and scale connectivity the way connected devices need — built in, always on and for every single use case.

Connectivity, Converged. Public. Private 5G. Satellite.

Connectivity depends on context. For sophisticated connected devices, the context changes constantly. Achieve optimal continuous connectivity, through a single subscription.

One Subscription. Connectivity everywhere. For every need.

One global cloud

Connect to 550 Networks, Private 5G and Satellite across 180+ countries -- all through one protocol.

Automation in Context

React to every event in real time (based on time of day, and specific needs).

APIs for every need

Seamlessly integrate additional value-add services.

Granular control over connectivity type

For security, compliance, software updates, localization, quality of service, energy management, and more.

Use cases

Full connectivity for every stage of product lifecycle, from streetlights to vehicle telematics, electric scooters and more.

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