Point of Sale

Always-on connectivity for secure money transactions.

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The Challenges

In today’s smart retail environment, businesses need a robust wireless connectivity solution, to help them execute real-time money transactions. Stationary point of sales can no longer serve all retail payment scenarios but WiFi connectivity is not always available and can be less secure. PoS failure is bad for business–it means an unhappy customer and loss of income if the customer doesn’t have cash or another way to pay.

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The Solution

Use the Monogoto IoT Connectivity solution, powered by our global cellular cloud, for PoS systems. You get:

Monogoto Sim Card -iot connectivity management platform

Setup Your Global IoT Connectivity Today.

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Key Features

Multi Networks

Cellular connectivity in 180 countries via 550+ networks. Includes remote SIM profile swap capabilities for maximum connectivity even in low coverage locations.

Process Automation

Ease your workflows and get true automation with your existing business platforms and processes with 400+ RESTful APIs.   


Full Control & Visibility​

Self-service connectivity management platform for data traffic control, network visibility with automated event-based alerts, advanced security policies enforcement, global roaming control and additional features that will ease your workload and get the job done.