Cloud Radio Trunking

Innovation starts when the barrier is low. Pay as you go, with all the cloud best practices. No long-term contracts. 

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Pay per active Usage

Pay only per active usage (Radio / SIM cards) 

Any Radio

Works with any radio over any Band, including mmWave, CBRS, 900Mhz and 450Mhz, and more

Any Edge

Our local breakout can be installed on any edge, enabling security, low latency, high throughput

Elastic Radio Trunk

Connect any radio to Monogoto’s cloud.  
Pay only per active radio and active SIMs with zero upfront costs. 

SIM Price

One simple price for all your SIM needs. Fit all SIM types - eSIM, MFF2, and regular SIM.


per SIM card

Platform Fee

One connectivity management platform with advanced APIs for full control and self service.


per month per SIM

Radio Trunk

per active radio per month, (not including backhaul connectivity or actual radio)


per radio per month

Operator Price per Data (MB) Price per SMS
Download Prices (CSV)