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Cloud Of Things And Monogoto Announce Partnership!

Companies bundle super secure global SIM network services with leading ready to run IoT orchestration, automation, monitoring, management, and maintenance with cybersecurity built in to enable indoor and outdoor connected systems on a unified operating platform

Tel Aviv, Israel; Boston Massachusetts – July 30, 2020 – Cloud of Things™, the ready-to-run IoT solution provider, and Monogoto, a cellular provider implementing global cellular connectivity alongside secure Private LTE networks, today announced they have joined forces to roll out a global offering to smart product manufacturers that reduces complexity and risk, and speeds time to market with advanced services supporting secure edge-cloud deployments.


Cloud of Things DeviceTone® IoT Suite, which includes its patented CloudSwitch™ technology, has been integrated with Monogoto’s global cellular connectivity platform using the Monogoto IoT SIM, making it simple to spin up and scale connected systems, including automatically and securely registering end-points to the network, whether those end-points are fixed or mobile, on land or at sea, are indoors or outdoors, and include single or multiple sensors.


“For the first time, any company who wishes to develop and distribute smart products on a local or global basis can take full advantage of a real time operating system using a single network with security embedded merged with a single platform based on Microsoft Azure’s worldwide infrastructure  that can connect to any cloud,” said Avner Ziv, CEO, Cloud of Things. “After years of assisting product manufacturers, utility companies, and others in standing up proven IoT offerings, and following on our announcement with Microsoft last month, we selected Monogoto as our exclusive global cellular connectivity provider given their reach, their innovation, cyber security approach, and their software-defined network architecture.”


The combination of the two platforms is enhanced with APIs which means smart product/utility companies and solution providers can benefit from a unified, customized provisioning, management, and maintenance environment, which drives up productivity and drives down cost. Given the open and configurable nature of both platforms, agility, scale, and cybersecurity are also dramatically improved.

“The alignment of vision became immediately clear with perfect timing given the air gap in the market for a truly end-to-end experience,” said Itamar Kunik, Co-Founder and CEO at Monogoto. “Our teams have been working together on this joint solution which addresses the most difficult challenges the IoT community has been facing for years – the need for truly secure end-to-end services that are fully programmable, open and flexible, affordable and easily scaled up. Smart product companies, smart building and facilities operators, smart city solution providers and more no longer need to hope their connected systems will work; with Cloud of Things and Monogoto they have access to highly available real time capabilities with edge and cloud control.”


Monogoto offers coverage in all major markets and is truly global, including their innovative “cellular suitcase” and the ability to roam into private networks like CBRS in the U.S. for service in remote places. The companies will announce an additional partnership based in the U.S. next month.

The companies are going-to-market in the U.S., Europe and globally together. Cloud of Things will co-sell Monogoto as part of their solutions, and Monogoto will co-sell DeviceTone as a pre-integrated, tested, and secure IoT platform ready to run on mongoto’s network connecting with Monogoto’s IoT SIM.

With its multiple cellular profile container, the Monogoto Secured IoT SIM has a globally redundant footprint in more than 170 countries and 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE CAT-M1 connectivity federating more than 550 cellular networks.

Supporting standard UICC (triple form factor), eUICC and iUICC, the Monogoto IoT SIM card guarantees compatibility to any IoT device/use case.


While the companies are developing a range of specific vertical and horizontal solutions, their first joint offering is an end-to-end prototyping package, which includes the DeviceTone Genie, a Ready-to-Run device launched last month, and made available on the Microsoft Azure IoT marketplace, and Monogoto‘s kit which includes zero code service creation for rapid flow formation and global IoT cellular connectivity. Designed specifically for the Connected Field Service market, the DeviceTone Genie Starter Kit that comes with a full featured IoT environment is available for $99 and will come with a Monogoto SIM and complementary support services.

The DNA of both companies’ technologies includes a commitment to open source, no-code, zero-touch and zero-trust approaches, dramatically reducing friction and risk. Instead of having to hire engineers, companies rolling out smart products and solutions simply design connected systems to serve their customers, and embed DeviceTone and Monogoto capabilities which can be prototyped in a matter of days or weeks, including an intuitive front-end experience that works on desktops and mobile devices in the field.


“Now, these companies have always-on connectivity not only for the devices at the edge, but for the smartphones and tablets which define the future of Connected Field Service, whether that service is delivered remotely or physically,” Ziv said. “On a single, secure network with global access, companies can contract for services with a single provider and world-class SLAs. This was extremely important in our decision to work exclusively with Monogoto, given the needs of our customers and partners. Monogoto makes our relationship with Microsoft Azure even more valuable as every instance in every geography can now be connected over an advanced global network, where every device reports only to his designated cloud instance according to clients’ preferences.”


In addition to providing one of the world’s leading cloud service platforms, Microsoft Azure also contributes to the performance, agility, and security of the solution at the edge and in the cloud.


“We are extremely excited to have been selected by the Cloud of Things team, given their success over the past several years, in Israel and Western Europe,” Kunik said. “This revolutionary combination has limitless potential and gives innovators a fast, affordable and frictionless way to rapidly prototype, advance, sell and provide ongoing services with recurring and growing revenues, liberated from painful, expensive and inflexible legacy IoT frameworks. We are especially excited to bring this to new markets, including North America and Asia as demand continues to grow.”


According to Research and Markets, the global cellular IoT market accounted for nearly $3 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22.6% over the forecast period 2019-2027, growing to over $18 billion by 2027. Rising adoption of IoT, commercialization of 5G, and the emergence of Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) and Long Term Evolution for Machines (LTE-M) are some of the aspects which are projected to assist the players operating in the cellular IoT market, according to the analyst firm. “LTE-M and NB-IoT technologies offer advantages such as greater coverage, low device complexity, minimum power consumption, high spectral efficiency, and improved system capacity among others,” their recently release report also stated.


Research and Markets also said North America held the largest share of the cellular IoT market in 2018 and is expected to continue its dominance during the forecast period of 2019-2027. Europe and Asia-Pacific held the second and third position in the global cellular IoT market in 2018 with market shares more than 25% for the region.


About Monogoto

Monogoto is a Secure Cellular Core as-a-service enabling enterprises, manufacturers, and IoT startups with Secure Cellular Connectivity solutions for IoT/M2M use cases. It provides network survivability and service resiliency, based on multi-network (local and global) coverage. Monogoto combines this offering with a Private LTE as-a-service on CBRS or any other band. This allows customers to build their own network alongside the possibility of interconnecting to multiple MNOs, all from the same SIM card using the same mobile core. Offering a true self-service for cellular connectivity via a web-based management platform, Monogoto provides advanced capabilities, currently mostly available to Tier 1 operators, such as full control over Data/Voice/SMS traffic, full visibility and monitoring of all network events, automated event-based alerts, advanced security policy enforcement, and global roaming control. Every functionality in the Monogoto network can be embedded into existing business processes (e.g. CRM, ERP, etc.) via its RESTful APIs.


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About Cloud of Things

Cloud of Things makes it easy to make products smart. Our DeviceTone™ solution can easily be leveraged by utility companies, and embedded into any product, enabling manufacturers and their distributors to offer management and maintenance services to consumers and businesses. Our embedded firmware package supports leading IoT standards, and our CloudSwitch™ technology stack enables smart products to communicate with any IoT Cloud over most network protocols including ULE, WiFi, Bluetooth and cellular. Cloud of Things was established in 2016 and is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel and Boston, MA, U.S.


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Media Contact

Mr. David Chouraqui, EVP Business Development, Cloud of Things, +972-54-486-1600,

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